The aim of this project is to ask the user to input his name and year of birth and print on the screen the age of the user(Ex: “Hello Abigail, your age is 17”). The LED will blink according to the age of the user(Ex: if the user is 20 years old, the LED will blink for 20 times).

Hardware and software:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Breadboard
  • 1 blue male to female wire
  • 1 red male to female wire
  • 1 black male to female wire
  • 1 blue 5mm LED
  • Resistor
  • Python 3

First, the Raspberry Pi was connected to an HDMI monitor. The blue LED was connected to the breadboard along with the resistor, the blue wire, the red wire(connected to 3.3V to not damage the LED) and the black(ground) wire.

GPIO Port used: 17



diagram pic.JPG